Best RealmeUI 3.0 Features that will blow your mind

Realme’s RealmeUI is a beautiful interface, made for their devices. Like every UI, Best RealmeUI 3.0 Features are also unique. The most recent update to the interface, RealmeUI 3.0, based on Android 12, will be pushed out to many Realme devices soon, and here are some features from the interface that we think are pretty cool.

Best RealmeUI 3.0 Features

RealmeUI 3.0 brings a lot of features and we listed best RealmeUI 3.0 features below.

Portrait Silhouette on AOD

Portrait Silhouette is a feature for the Always-on-Display on Realme devices, for personalizing your lockscreen, which turns an image of your selection into a sketch and applies it to your lockscreen.  You can add a selfie, a portrait, or any image you would like, and it will be converted into a sketch. When you unlock the phone, it smoothly transitions to your homescreen.

  • To add a photo on the AOD, head to the Settings, the Personalizations menu, tap on Always-On Display, under Personalized section, tap on Portrait silhouette and select the image you would like to add.
The portrait silhouette feature demonstrated.

Material You based theming

Material You is what Google calls its new design language, and Android 12’s theme system, which picks a color theme based on your wallpaper and applies it system-wide. RealmeUI already had a system color scheme selector in its settings, but with the new update, they have a Monet (the Material You backend) based theme engine as well.

  • To enable Material You, go to the Settings tap on Personalizations, Colors and tap on Wallpaper color picking and drag the dots over your wallpaper to pick the colors you would like.
realmeUI 3 settings
The wallpaper theming settings.

New Animation Engine

With the new Animation Engine, RealmeUI’s animations are significantly smoother, and faster. Here is a tweet from Realme’s official Twitter account detailing it.


When Apple first released the iPhone X, one of the features they announced with it was Animoji and Memoji. Ever since then, most device manufacturers have been, well, to put it lightly, copying them, and the most recent one is Realme. The feature is called Omoji, and it debuted on Oppo’s ColorOS, but has been added to RealmeUI as well. Its based on an advanced face capture algorithm which uses 77 pinpoints and 200+ stylistic elements to render a stylized reflection of the users face in real-time. You can create your own animated avatar with custom hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and piercings. The feature can be used in photos, videos, and even video calls. This is also inside Best RealmeUI 3.0 Features.

To use the Omoji feature, open the Omoji app on your RealmeUI 3 device, and create your avatar.

Marketing for the Omoji feature.

Such were the best RealmeUI 3.0 features. You should try the best RealmeUI 3.0 features here on your Realme phone right away.

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