Best Xiaomi Phones for Vlogging You Can Prefer

Today, many vloggers prefer phones for vlogging instead of big and heavy cameras. Not only for the camera, they can also edit their videos with the processing power of their phones. Vloggers who use phones as opposed to those who use cameras are increasing the number of moments they can record, making their work easier. Xiaomi is one of the most preferred brands for vlogging with its advanced camera features and processing performance. Well, what are the best Xiaomi phones for vlogging?

Another issue is the presence of OIS, which is “Optical Image Stabilizer”, on the devices to be used for vlogging. A device with is OIS provides you with gimbal performance by stabilizing the image in the vlogs you will shoot on the move. Instead of OIS, you can also choose devices with EIS. EIS stabilizes your image electronically rather than a physical stabilization. Of course, you can choose devices that do not have OIS or EIS, and you can choose a gimbal for vlogging.

Xiaomi’s phones are highly preferred by vloggers and content producers due to its camera performance, processing performance and ease of use. In this content, we have compiled the 10 best Xiaomi phones for vlogging.

What Are the Best Xiaomi Phones for Vlogging?

These Xiaomi phones can be preferred by vloggers.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Mi 11 Ultra is one of Xiaomi phones for vlogging. With OIS in Mi 11 Ultra, you will stabilize your image and get very clean images for vlogging. If OIS is not enough, image stabilization is greatly increased by the gyro-EIS. You can record your vlogs in ultra HD with [email protected]/60FPS, [email protected], [email protected]/60/120/240/960/1920FPS video shooting options. It’s HDR10+ and 50MP Xiaomi camera, you can process images with high dynamic range and get better quality color results. If you want to use the front camera for your vlog recordings, [email protected]/60FPS, [email protected] recording options are available. Even if there is no OIS, gyro-EIS will do the job.

Along with its successful vlog recording performance, you can edit your vlogs very quickly and beautifully with its processor Snapdragon 888. With 256GB of storage capacity, you can easily store your vlogs. Then, thanks to the 5G band technology, you can upload your vlogs you’ve shot and processed very quickly, and you can continue vlogging without a break. With its 5000 mAh battery, you can record your vlogs for a very long time. You can find detailed information about Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra here.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, which has a very affordable price, is one of the best Xiaomi phones for vlogging you the record your vlogs. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G with a 64-megapixel camera has [email protected], [email protected]/60/120FPS for the rear camera, [email protected]/60FPS, [email protected] video recording options for the front camera. Since it’s rear camera has gyro-EIS it’s front camera does not. This comes across as a disadvantage for vloggers. But it will be quite enough for a start vlogging.

It has 64/128GB storage options. While these storage options may seem scarce, they will be quite sufficient for 1080P vlogs. Thanks to Snapdragon 780G CPU and Adreno 642 GPU, you can process your vlogs very easily. For more information about this device, click here.

Xiaomi Mi 10S

Xiaomi Mi 10S is one of the best Xiaomi phone for vlogging. It is one of the best option for your vlogs with it’s camera features, processor power and 5G features. Xiaomi Mi 10S camera has OIS. Xiaomi Mi 10S, which is also has EIS support, saves vlogs in cases where OIS is not enough. Since it has a 108 megapixels camera, it offers options to record your vlogs as [email protected], [email protected]/60FPS, [email protected]/60/120FPS. The front camera has 20 megapixels and [email protected], [email protected] video recording options. You can shoot your vlogs comfortably using the front camera.

Xiaomi Mi 10S, which has Snapdragon 870 CPU and Adreno 650 GPU in the technical part, helps you to process the vlogs you recorded comfortably. If you want to learn more about the Xiaomi Mi 10S, which is one of the best phones for vlogging, you can find it here.

Xiaomi Mi 10T

Mi 10T, which allows long-term vlogging thanks to its 5000mAh battery, helps you to store these vlogs with its 128GB stroage capacity. It has three rear cameras. With its 64 megapixel main camera, it offers [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]/60/120/240/960fps, [email protected]/60/240/960fps video selection. For the front camera, there are [email protected], [email protected] video recording options. Although the device does not have OIS, EIS works quite well.

Owing to the cooling system, your device does not get hot while recording vlogs. keeps performance at the highest level. Through to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU and Adreno 650 GPU, you can easily render your vlogs. For more information about this device, click here.

Xiaomi Mix 4

Xiaomi Mix 4 is one of the Xiaomi phones for vlogging. It comes with features such as premium design, high camera performance, and high processor performance. Xiaomi Mix 4, which has Snapdragon 888+ in terms of processor, offers very good performance for editing your vlogs. It has a 108 megapixel rear camera and a 20 megapixel front camera. Video recording options are [email protected], [email protected]/FPS, [email protected]/60/120/480FPS for rear camera, [email protected] for front camera. You can record your vlog with fully stabilized images with OIS and gyro-EIS.

HDR10+ feature helps to present you more dynamic images. There is 128/256GB storage capacity where you can comfortably store your vlogs. In addition, thanks to the battery capacity of 4500 mAh, you can record vlogs for a long time. For more information about this device, click here.

These Xiaomi phones are the best Xiaomi phones for vlogging. You can vlog, edit and share with a Xiaomi phone you choose from this list. Thanks to the Xiaomi phones you will buy for vlogging, you can work with your Xiaomi ecosystem very comfortably.

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