The BlackShark Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review: How well does it work with gaming devices?

BlackShark Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is one of new products introduced at BlackShark Launch Event today. BlackShark is a sub-brand of Xiaomi that prepares products for mobile gamers, and today it introduced 3 gaming phones. A gaming headset was required for BlackShark devices, with this the gaming set is complete.

Specifications BlackShark Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

This earbuds has 12mm dynamic sound driver for an immersive sound experience, and supports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) up to 40 dBs. In this way, besides a perfect sound experience, and you won’t need to be distracted by noises thanks to ANC.

Battery capacity wasn’t mentioned in the promotion, but it was said to have up to 30 hours of use with box, which is a very reasonable value. A full 3 hours of use is guaranteed immediately after a 15-minute charge. Earbuds are licensed by Snapdragon Sound, this indicates that you will have a quality earbuds compatible with your devices.

These TWS earbuds also support 85ms low latency, which is very important for mobile gamers. Lower latency values ​​will provide higher performance when playing mobile games. There is support for dual microphones and environmental noise cancellation for better recording and calling processes. They are certified IPX4 waterproof, ensuring they are not damaged by minor splashes or sweat. Having IPX4 certification will provide comfort in daily use.

Design Review with Live Pictures

BlackShark Wireless Bluetooth Headphone comes with a simple and stylish design. Although it’s a gaming headset, but it doesn’t have an exaggerated gaming design. An ordinary TWS earphone. There is a “Black Shark” inscription on the earbuds.

This earbuds is also the first TWS headset of Black Shark brand. BlackShark Wireless Bluetooth Headphone was launched in China for ¥399 (around $63). It will be a good choice for players, and the price is also reasonable. You can find out more about today’s BlackShark Launch Event here. Stay tuned for more.

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