Can MIUI 13 Control Center be used in MIUI 12?

MIUI Control Center interface has been getting new changes recently, and with the recently updated MIUI 13 Control Center, brightness slider has got relocated and volume slided has been added next to the big rounded square Wi-Fi and Mobile Data boxes. This change however does not come built-in with the update. It requires installing a system app made by Xiaomi itself. Can this app be used in MIUI 12 as well? Unfortunately, the answer is no but you can still have it in other ways.

We made a comparision and review of MIUI 13 Control Center few days ago

MIUI 13 Control Center Review and Comparison

How to get MIUI 13 Control Center on MIUI 12

miui 13 control center on miui 12

Unfortunately, the official APK file that changes the Control Center interface on MIUI 13 does not work on MIUI 12 or 12.5, whether it is based on Android 11 or 12. Even though you cannot officially get MIUI 13 Control Center interface on MIUI 12, there is still a 3rd party app called Control Center Mi 13 Style that allows you to have a quite similar experience. First install this app through Play Store:

Control Center Mi 13 Style
Control Center Mi 13 Style
Developer: Jalan
Price: Free

After the installation, it will ask you to grant some access permissions:

  • Tap on Control Center Layout switch and turn it on in the accessibility settings
  • Go back to the app, tap on Control Center Permissions and say Yes in the dialog
  • Tap on Enable Notifications switch and turn it on in the notification settings

After doing away with all this, you are ready to use the new control center on your device. With this app, you can customize your tile colors, extract the tile colors from your wallpaper set on the system and do much more. It also supports themes and can customize your lock screen.

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