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How to customize your homescreen deeply on Android 12

As you may or may not know, homescreen customization on Android phones are almost limitless, you can do anything you want and have any style you like on it. But with higher Android versions, they slowly started to limit these possibilites, such as adding the gesture navigation to the Android limited most of the launchers a lot.

But thanks to being able to set itself as the default recents and gesture provider, we can pass this limit and can get unlimited customizations again. In this case, we will show you how can you customize your homescreen in deep ways.

Install Lawnchair first

We already have an article on how to install Lawnchair, and so you can refer and follow that to set it up on your Android 12. You can find the article over here, all you need to do is follow the steps one by one properly and you will be good to go.

Customizing your homescreen

Once you’re done installing Lawnchair, now we can start to customize the homescreen. We already made an example setup of one along with all needed compotents to get the same. You can see how it looks on the picture below.

The one we did here is a pretty easy setup to do it, and so you can have a lot more setups just like this on your own. You can get this setup with it’s instructions here.

So how do you make one on your own? It’s easy! Just hold down an empty space in Lawnchair and see the customizations yourself.

This is the only the general category inside Lawnchair settings. So you can already guess how much you can customize it. It’s all up to you!

Also be aware that for recents provider and gestures support Lawnchair now only supports 12L version of Android, so if you’re on something thats lower you need to find a version that was compatible with your Android version in past or you’re out of luck.

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