Customize Your Volume Panel with Volume Styles!

Volume Styles is one more alternative to customize your Android device. As you know, Android devices come either with AOSP Android (with Pixel or other OEM devices) or with their manufacturer’s custom user interface (MIUI, OneUI, ColorOS). Both offer a certain degree of customization. If you want more, you can use alternative applications. Volume Styles is one of them.

A small and useful application to customize the sound panel of your device. Moreover, you can give the sound panel of your Android device a look just like the iPhone. Even you can gain a more advanced usage with the options to add multiple audio sliders.

Volume Styles Installation and Review

This application is available on Google Play Store and you can download it for free. There are a few permissions you need to give after installing the application. Accessibility permission is required for the app to run in the background. Likewise, turning off battery optimization will ensure that the application runs seamless.

Volume Styles - Custom control
Volume Styles - Custom control

Volume Styles has many features in tabs. Sound styles allow you to fully customize your phone’s soundbar. You can change colors, apply different themes. You can add shortcuts to the soundbar for faster access, you can also add extra options such as changing the brightness, setting it to vibrate mode and so on.

After giving necessary permissions, you can start using the application. In addition to inbuilt volume panels, you can also create your own custom panel. There are even detailed options such as background color, panel size, corner radius. You can adjust the position of sound panel on screen. Apart from stock volume panels, you can create and add sliders as an extra, e.g. a simple brightness slider.

You can choose an application specifically for volume panel. You can use stock volume panel in applications you want, and custom sound panel in applications you want with blacklist mode. Also you can change the volume on/off timbre. Moreover, you can back up all these settings to cloud or internal storage. So you can restore it whenever you want.

You can start/stop the application at any time with the “Start/Stop” button. Since application is simple and useful, it has a wide support framework. It can be used on all devices above Android 5. In conclusion, it’s a nice work to personalize your device and add a different atmosphere. You can donate to support the developer so you can unlock premium features in the app. If you’re more of a customization enthusiast, you can check out Lawnchair Launcher from here.

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