MIUI 15 update will support high refresh rate for all apps!

Xiaomi is secretly developing MIUI 15, as we have confirmed in our previous highlights. And now, a different feature of MIUI 15 has surfaced. The new MIUI interface will allow all apps to support high refresh rates. Some built-in MIUI apps didn’t even support a 120Hz refresh rate. MIUI 15 is gearing up to delight many users with this new feature. MIUI 15 is currently being tested internally, and preparations are ongoing for the best user experience. The introduction of MIUI 15 is just about 3 weeks away.

MIUI 15’s High Refresh Rate Support

MIUI is known for being one of the best user interfaces with its useful features. Xiaomi is making efforts for MIUI 15 to become the world’s best user interface. Almost 3 weeks before the introduction of MIUI 15, some details are emerging. One of these is that MIUI 15 will support high refresh rates in all applications.

This development has already pleased many users because it was frustrating that even some built-in MIUI apps didn’t support a 120Hz refresh rate. Xiaomi seems to have taken user feedback into account. MIUI 15 will allow all applications to support a 120Hz refresh rate.

The introduction of this feature in MIUI 15 has been welcomed with appreciation. Many applications will support high refresh rates, providing a smoother MIUI experience. It has already been confirmed that Xiaomi has officially tested MIUI 15. Stable MIUI 15 updates have started to be tested on Xiaomi 13, MIX FOLD 3, and some smartphones. Users are eagerly awaiting the introduction of MIUI 15. If you are curious about the other expected features of MIUI 15, don’t forget to click here.

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