Highly anticipated MIUI 15 Global comes with a redesigned power menu

Xiaomi is undergoing a significant change with MIUI 15 Global update. Following the release of MIUI 14 based on Android 14, one of the innovations of MIUI 15 has come to light. It’s quite normal for some features to be leaked just before the introduction of MIUI 15. After a long hiatus, the design of the power menu is changing. The power menu, which has been a subject of complaints for Xiaomi users on MIUI Global ROM, is being redesigned with MIUI 15. In fact, it’s not being redesigned; the same menu found in MIUI China ROM will now be available in MIUI Global ROM.

MIUI 15 Global’s New Power Menu

MIUI 15 has not been officially introduced yet. It is expected to be officially unveiled in the first week of November. Details about the new MIUI 15 started to emerge weeks before the unveiling. MIUI 15 Global comes with a new power menu, and this has now been officially confirmed. The new power menu of MIUI 15 Global has left users surprised.

Some users also found it strange that this power menu, which has been available since MIUI 12.5 in China, is just being added now. However, it’s worth adding this note: users with MIUI 15 based on Android 13 will receive some bad news! The new power menu of MIUI 15 Global will only be available to users who receive the Android 14 based MIUI 15 update.

Xiaomi has already begun working on MIUI 15 Global. In recent days, it was officially confirmed that Android 14 based MIUI 15 Global update has been tested for the Xiaomi 12T model. Smartphones will have the new power menu after upgrading to MIUI 15 based on Android 14. Users were very pleased with this development. All the innovations that MIUI 15 will offer are still a topic of curiosity, and the remaining hidden details will be announced at the Xiaomi 14 series launch. Don’t forget to follow us for further developments.

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