Find Hidden Menus using MIUI Secret Dialer Codes!

Ever wondered what the MIUI Secret Dialer Codes do? MIUI has debugging features in their system by their phone app. You can enter various codes to access your device’s debugging features given by Xiaomi, and use them to test if your device is operating well. The most known dialer code in the MIUI community is * # * # 4636 # * # *, This number code can access the settings menu tissue types, such as conduct LTE settings being able to be adjusted as GSM/WCDMA, LTE, LTDTE/WCDMA and it goes on.

MIUI Secret Dialer Codes: How to use the dialer codes?

Some people cannot enter their codes or simply don’t know how to enter them. We’re going to show you how you can enter MIUI Secret Dialer Codes on your phone.

  • Enter your phone app
  • Click on the Dialer setting.
  • Type * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • That’s it!

And that’s how you can enter your secret dialer codes, now, onto showing the codes and their uses.

Code 1: The Engineering (CIT) Mode.

There are two ways of entering the Engineering (CIT) Mode. One way is pull-tapping on the kernel version a few times and presto! And also dialing “* # * # 6484 # * # * or  * # * # 64 663 # * # *” lets you enter the engineering mode.

Engineering Mode lets you test your phone’s basic usages to see if they work properly, such as your screen’s color balance, touchscreen, cameras, microphone, and many more. You can check on every piece of hardware with this mode and also modify the current system functions that Xiaomi has done on your phone. Engineering Mode is a mode that’s taken straight out of Engineering ROMs. You can check our post on what Engineering ROMs are by clicking here. This is one of the MIUI Secret Dialer Codes that is meant to be hidden but has been found out by the community.

You can also check what Engineering (CIT) Mode is by clicking here

Code 2: View IMEI Number

Some Xiaomi devices came out to your country from abroad, so you have to check if the IMEI is signed or not, you can check the IMEI number by simply typing “* # 06#”, IMEI number is a need in your phone, mainly because your whole carrier works with your IMEI. You can also check our post on how you can back up your IMEI and EFS by clicking here.

Code 3: Wifi/MobiIe Information and Test.

Information and test are for network testing purposes, you can switch your LTE connection to GSM/WCDMA, LTE, LTDTE/WCDMA, and many more by this function, this code is only for those who are interested in testing their network speeds, how they work or do they work properly at all. This menu also includes the battery health of your phone inside and your usage statistics. Dialing the number “* # * # 4636 # * # *” will open it. This is also one of the MIUI secret dialer codes that are only meant to be on the debugging side rather than the public side, but the numbers have been found out by the community as well.

Code 4: Send bug reports to Xiaomi.

There may be bugs in your firmware that make your phone unusable. For those moments, Xiaomi has included a dialer code in your MIUI firmware so you can report bugs right away. You can type in ” * # * # 284 # * # *” into the dialer to send a bug report. Xiaomi will get your bug report and try to fix it in the next OTA patch. This is one of the MIUI secret dialer codes that matters the most. Those bug reports are important to Xiaomi, mainly because their software, MIUI, is meant to be perfect for your Xiaomi device.

MIUI Secret Dialer Codes: The Conclusion.

MIUI has a lot of secret settings inside that are left out of the system but were found after the Xiaomi Community to use for the people who know how to use them properly. Those dialer codes must only be used if you know what you are doing. Xiaomi keeps these features open for the reason being, the people who know this stuff to test how the phone operates, and if there is a bug to report. Those MIUI secret dialer codes are meant for testing purposes only.

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