Fortnite Mobile returned on iOS and Android!

Fortnite Mobile, the most expanded battle royale game, the game that pushes the phone’s performance to its limits, has returned to its place in the market! Fortnite Mobile is known to push your phone’s graphic processing beyond its limits because Epic Games has used their Unreal Engine game motor at its best graphics ever. At first, various Samsung phones and Google Pixel phones only supported Fortnite. The list got expanded to various flagship devices. Right now, a Redmi K50 can play Fortnite without any lags.

Here is the reason why Fortnite got blocked from App Store.

Fortnite Mobile blocked on Apple Store: The Reason.

In August 2020. Apple has removed Epic Games’ Apple Store account due to Epic Games breaking the rules Apple Store has. After that, a big lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple started years, the lawsuit is still ongoing today. The whole reason for this is Epic Games’ breaking the in-app purchasing rules that Apple has on hand. Google never actually released Fortnite to their Play Store. Mainly because Epic Games has made its app for downloading Fortnite inside your Android device.

How is Fortnite back on iOS, at least?

Fortnite still exists on Android, you can use the Epic Games downloader app for Fortnite and play it on your Xiaomi 12 or other flagship devices. Microsoft with their XBOX Cloud Gaming App has decided to step in and make its users play Fortnite without any lags, both users that have iOS or Android devices, can log in with your Microsoft account, and play Fortnite with your web browser without any lags whatsoever! it’s like Google Stadia and GeForce NOW. You can check how GeForce NOW works for Android devices by clicking here.

How will that affect the ongoing lawsuit?

We don’t exactly know how this would that make an effect on the ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, but, Epic Games approves XBOX’s move, which means that you can play Fortnite Mobile on your iOS device without any complaints from Apple themselves. Microsoft has opened up a new gate of gaming for iOS devices by this move, Android devices already had Stadia and GeForce NOW. But they also have XBOX Cloud Gaming now.


Has Microsoft done the right move by allowing the iOS users to play Fortnite Mobile without needing to use the hardware’s limits by server-side streamed gaming? Will this put affect the ongoing lawsuit? Time will only show, but this move from Microsoft is a step forward in showing how game streaming can affect a fanbase and start a new community. XBOX Cloud Gaming is the start of a new era of streaming gaming services.

You can check out on XBOX Cloud Gaming by clicking here.

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