Get iOS Volume Bar in MIUI

iOS has blurred unique styled volume panel that most of people usually likes as it’s compact. Follow this guide to get it in MIUI!

iOS has a volume panel that’s in right side, compact(a small bar), expands when you adjust it from touch screen and has a nice blur in it’s background. And there’s a way to get it in MIUI(although it’s not the exact same way)!

This process requires Magisk.

There is two versions of this. First is small expanded style, which looks like the one when you touch to the volume bar in iOS(the expanded one).

Second style is, the small non-expanded bar style one. Choose the one you want, it’s your preference.


  • Download the one you want from the bottom of the post.


  • Flash it by following the same process shown in the image above.
  • After flashing, reboot the device.

ios volume bar
And voila;you should have the iOS volume bar on MIUI now!


And also, it doesn’t end with that only; this also adds the music controls into control center!


Non-Expanded Style

Expanded Style

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