How to Get MIUI 13 Widgets for all Xiaomi devices: Detailed Guide

Do you want to get MIUI 13 widgets to your device? Here’s a detailed guide on how to enable MIUI 13 widgets, regardless of which MIUI version you’re running. If you’re running an older version of MIUI, don’t worry – you can still get MIUI 13 widgets. You don’t need root or any other risky process. Steps are easy and understable.

One of the most popular features of MIUI 13 is its new widgets. The updated design and added functionality make them a must-have for any MIUI user. MIUI 13 Widgets are also extremely versatile and customizable. You can add them to any home screen, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, you can use them to access information from a variety of sources, including the weather, news, calendar, and more. There are also a number of widget packs available that you can download to add even more functionality to your home screen. With so many options available, you can easily create a home screen that is personalized to your needs.

Get MIUI 13 Widgets on all MIUI versions

Getting MIUI 13 widgets on all MIUI versions is easy and only takes a few steps. All you need is the few apps which can be easily downloaded below. Once you have downloaded the APPs, simply install it After installation is complete, open the launcher and you should see the new MIUI 13 widgets available for use. That’s all there is to it! With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the success of get MIUI 13 widgets on any version of MIUI.

Download and Install Required Apps

First, you’ll need to download the required apps to get MIUI 13 widgets. The good news is that one of the apps you need is available on the Google Play Store. Other three app have direct download link. MIUI system will automatically do MIUI 13 widgets download process. To get MIUI widgets download these files first.

Once you have them all downloaded, simply install them on your device using File Manager.

Give “Home Screen Shortcut” Permission to Activity Launcher

Open Activity Launcher

Open Activity Launcher and tap search button placed on header.

Find MIUI 13 widget picker using Activity Launcher

Search PickerHomeActivityusing Activity Launcher search bar. Click three dots after finding MIUI 13 widgets picker.

Create MIUI 13 Widgets Picker Shortcut

After tapping three dots, tap “Create shortcut” button. MIUI 13 widgets picker shortcut will be placed on homescreen.

Open MIUI 13 Widgets Picker

Tap created MIUI 13 widgets picker shortcut placed on home screen. You will see MIUI 13 widgets picker. Select widget that you want to get MIUI 13 widgets and tap “Add” button placed below.

Add MIUI 13 Widgets

Now you can use your favorite MIUI 13 widgets on MIUI 12.5 Global or MIUI 13 Global.

Yaay! You can now enjoy your favorite MIUI 13 widgets on your MIUI 12.5 device. Now you can have the best of both worlds – the latest MIUI 13 features and the stability of MIUI 12.5. That’s right, all of the best features from the latest version of MIUI are now available on older devices, so you can enjoy a more personalized and customizable homescreen experience. So what are you waiting for? Get MIUI 13 widgets on your old device! Enjoy!

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