MIUI 13 Global gets more new widgets

New widgets have been added to MIUI 13 Global! Global ROM is getting closer to Chinese ROM!

New widgets have been added to the MIUI 13 Widgets feature, which was added to MIUI 13 India Global. As we wrote in previous articles, there was not enough widget support in MIUI 13 India Global. New widgets have been added to these app vault and new widget system. This widgets revealed by kacskrz, seems to come to all devices using MIUI 13 Global. Currently, this update is not public, it is only released to certain users. Note, new widgets not available on MIUI 13 Global (MI) and EEA regions.


The new widgets added to MIUI 13 Global are:

  • Security
  • Weather
  • Clock

Old MIUI 13 Global widgets were:

  • Shortcuts
  • Recommended
  • Security
  • Xiaomi Health
  • Notes
  • Popular Videos
  • Populer Games
  • News
  • Gallery

How to Install New MIUI 13 Global Widgets

You can follow this guide to install new MIUI 13 widgets on all Xiaomi devices .

New MIUI 13 widgets will not come to Global (MI) and EEA (EU) regions. Regions that support MIUI 13 new widgets will be India, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey. If you don’t know which region your phone is, you can check your MIUI version. You can find out your MIUI version using this tutorial.



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