Google Messages now supports end to end encryption on group chats!

Google has added a ton of functionality to its Google Messages app with RCS. It has a lot of appealing features, such the ability to send photographs and videos and to view the other person’s response in real time.

Many phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, use the messages app released by Google. End to end encryption makes the messages secure, private, and only visible to the sender and recipient. End-to-end encryption, which is currently only possible on private chats, will soon be available in group conversations as well.

Google will also let you react to messages with emoji in conversations. Earlier, this was made possible on a number of social media platforms. Google is also working a feature that will allow you to add react to messages. Previously many features of Google Messages were primarily specific to Pixel smartphones, Google aims to bring features to all Android OEMs right now to feature a better messaging experience across every Android device.

Google aims to make messaging more convenient with RCS. They also point out RCS works universally and is supported by many carriers. Apple still uses SMS and iMessage, which is its own technology, whereas Android manufacturers are switching to RCS quickly.

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