Have You Heard These MIUI Features?

Xiaomi surprises people with new features of MIUI. First of all, you should download MIUI Downloader app to access these features. Our MIUI Downloader app got update few weeks ago to enable hidden features. Things that you should do; are download the app, tap Hidden Features tab. These features increase the using your phone quality. Also, some features can extend the life of your phone.

MIUI Downloader
MIUI Downloader
Developer: Metareverse Apps
Price: Free

Al Image Enhancement


This feature will be very useful, especially for people who like to take photos. These enhancements involve enhancing photos with more accurate AI. As a result, people can more take beautiful pictures. Also, people use this feature for better video results. Al Image Enhancement does increase your photo and video quality.

Power Settings

This feature can help you with your phone battery. You have two options, balanced and performance. Performance mode does improve things a little, but it cannot be healthy for your phone’s battery. You can choose a balanced mode for your battery’s charge to last longer. Also, you can see your battery health in MIUI Downloader app.

A-GPS Mode

A-GPS means assisted GPS. You should use A-GPS in areas where your data connection is slow. If you are in an area where your data connection is slow, the phone changes GPS mode to A-GPS automatically. There is two A-GPS mode: MBS and MSA. MBS means Metropolitan Beacon System. MSA means Mobile Station Assisted. A-GPS mode is only available for Xiaomi series. Other phone can access A-GPS settings using MIUI Downloader app.

Clear Speaker

Some Xiaomi phones can clear their speakers. This feature will help you if you are working in a dirty place or your phone’s speaker has a problem with the cleaning. Your phone will make a sound for 30 seconds for clearing the speaker. The best way is to turn the volume up for the best clearing. This option is exist on some phones. These phone users can find their feature from Additional Settings. Other users can access this settings using MIUI Downloader.

Pocket Mode

This mod prevents people from clicking the wrong thing while their phones are in their pockets. Pocket mode is going to click when people’s phones are in their pockets. pocket mode adjusts your phone’s ringtone according to the condition of the phone in your bag. It can be useful for a battery. You can find pocket mode in display settings.

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