Honor 70 Series Specifications has been leaked!

AloHonor 70 Series, alongside brands like Xiaomi, the latest series of Honor from Chinese manufacturers, has been leaked. Although the Honor 70 Series features have been leaked, no explanation has been made about the price yet. Honor 70 Series, which is divided into 3 devices, consists of Honor 70, Honor 70 Pro, and Honor 70 Pro+ models.
Honor is a brand founded by Huawei. It was established to market and manufacture Huawei’s sub-products. In this way, Huawei, which does not want to pollute the brand name with inferior devices, turned Honor into a good brand by keeping the performance of Honor’s devices above. Founded in 2001, Honor was sold by Huawei to a Chinese consortium in 2021. The brand, which was completely dependent on Huawei until 2020, started using Android and MagicUI operating systems instead of EMIU/HarmonyOS operating systems 2020. At the same time, the leaked Honor 70 series comes with an Android-based MagicUI. We have listed the devices of the Honor 70 series, which have quite remarkable features, one by one.

Entry Level of Honor 70 Series: Honor 70

The Honor 70, which comes with Snapdragon and will probably be low-budget, has very nice features. It is filled with quite a lot of features, from the screen refresh rate to the battery, from the battery to the camera. Honor 70, the lowest phone of the Honor 70 series, maybe the phone that attracted the most attention from the users in the Honor 70 series leak. Those who want to have a new and updated Honor device and do not want to spend a lot of money should definitely wait for the Honor 70 to come out. Honor 70 surpasses its competitors by offering very nice features compared to its competitors.

What are the Features of Honor 70?

CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 gen 1
Screen refresh rate:120Hz
Screen:BOE FHD 10bit Display
Battery: 4800mAh / 66W Fast Charger
Rear Camera: Triple Rear Camera, 108MP, 8MP, 2MP
Audio Output:Stereo dual speaker
Extension:Z-axis Linear Motor and NFC
Honor 60 SE

Leaked Honor 70 Series Pro: Honor 70 Pro Features

In addition to the low budget, the Honor 70 Pro, is the most preferred device of the Honor 70 series, because it is Pro and is the closest to the flagship. Honor 70 pro from the leaked Honor 70’s offers quite a lot of features compared to the plain Honor 70. The features it offers appear as very logical features that keep a device at a medium level. If you think it should not be low but not high and not exceed my budget, the Honor 70 Pro is for you. If you review and like the following features, it would be logical to buy the Honor 70 Pro when it is released.

What are the Features of Honor 70 Pro?

CPU: Mediatek Dimensity 8100
Screen Fresh Rate: 1Hz-120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate
Screen: BOE OLED 10bit LTPO Display ,1600×1200 Resolution
Battery:4800 mAh / 66W Fast Charger
Rear Camera: Triple Rear Camera, 50MP IMX766 Main, 50MP Ultra-wide, 8MP Telephoto
Audio Output: Stereo Dual Speakers

Click here to learn about MediaTek Dimensity 8100 features.

Honor 70 Series

The Flagship of the Honor 70 Series: Honor 70 Pro+

With the leak of the Honor 70 series, the most interesting device was the Honor 70 Pro+. Honor 70+, which is the flagship of the Honor 70’s, really offers features suitable for a flagship. Honor 70 Pro, which has Mediatek Dimensity 9000 in terms of CPU, comes with 100W fast charging support. Apart from these, it has features such as EIS and OIS found in every flagship. Since the screen refresh rate is quite satisfactory, you can view your games and work very comfortably on the Honor 70 Pro+ screen.

What are the Features of Honor 70 Pro+?

CPU: Mediatek Dimensity 9000
Screen Fresh Rate:1Hz-120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate
Screen:OE 10bit OLED LTPO Display, 2800×1300 Resolution
Battery:4600mAh / 100W Fast Charger
Rear Camera: Triple Rear Camera, 50MP IMX766 Main, 50MP Ultra Wide, 12MP Telephoto, OIS+EIS
Audio Output: Stereo Dual Speakers
ExtensionNFC, Infrared Remote Control, X-axis Linear Motor
Honor 60 Pro+

The Honor 70’s, which many Honor users have been waiting for, has now leaked. Although its features seem to please many users, it is very possible that some users will not like it. There is no information yet on when the Honor 70 series, whose features are given, will be released. At the same time, although there is no price information and a detailed feature description, we have leaked features. Honor continues to produce flagship devices by taking very logical steps since it came out under the umbrella of Huawei. Thanks to Equal Leaks for providing source.

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