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How to Add Smart Rotation Bubble to MIUI Back

If you used pure Android or anything that’s close to pure Android before, you might come across a rotation icon in bottom of the screen when device is being rotated. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has this as totally disabled in MIUI Android 10 and 11. But there’s a way to bring that bubble back!
aosp rotation bubble
As you can see in the picture, the rotation icon shows up in pure Android. We can bring this back to MIUI thanks to an open source app.
P.s: This method only works with gestures..

How to Add Rotation Bubble to MIUI Back

  • Download Orientator app from here. (Simply tap on .apk file)


  • Give all permissions that the app asks for. This is required for the app to work properly.
  • Go to settings of the app.


  • Put the offsets you want here. In my recommendation, X as -70 and Y as -60 looks the most close to the AOSP. This might look different depending in different screens, so you might need to try in different screens.

And voila; you’re done!

The app might keep getting killed by MIUI’s RAM management. For that, follow our video guide, which has a detailed explanation. Though it says notification fix, it’s also a workaround for the RAM management of MIUI.

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