How to Check Genuine Apple Hardware?

How can we be sure the parts are genuine when buying a used iPhone? With 3uTools tool, this is possible.

3uTools is the best companion for IOS devices. It includes many features such as original part control, jailbreak, backup/restore, virtual location, music import.

In this article, we will refer to the genuine hardware check feature. Checking of the parts is a very good solution for not being scammed.

How to Check Original Apple Hardware

  • Step 3 – After the installation is complete, open the tool.
  • Step 4 – From “Install necessary Components” screen, click “Install Driver” and start installing the required drivers.

  • Step 5 – Plug the iPhone into PC, and allow computer connection on your phone

  • Step 6 – Go to the 3uTools home and click “View Verification Report” on the screen to view the hardware status.

3uTools Home

  • Step 7 – You can view the serial numbers for all hardware from this page. You can see which hardware has changed.

How to Check Genuine Apple Hardware

This is how you can check the used iPhone you’re going to purchase. There’s one last thing you need to know, the 3uTools hardware report doesn’t detect screen changing. You should check it yourself.

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