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How to Clean the Phone in the Most Correct Way?

Especially recently with COVID still going on and infecting anyone on its way, vaccinated or not, cleaning your possessions holds a dear importance to your health and it also includes your smartphones. Your phones surface and buttons can host a wide range of viruses and bacterias, including COVID, which can linger on these surfaces for days.

Proper Cleaning

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Before getting into any cleaning tips, make sure to first disinfect your hands with either antibacterial products or a thorough washing with soap and water. And follow your device manufacturer’s instructions first to guarantee a full clean up.

Unlike your skin, technological devices cannot be cleaned via soap and water. There are special antibacterial wipe products that are sold on Aliexpress or similar websites specifically made for electronics. If it feels too costly to you, another option that you would have is to use alcohol based disinfectant sprays. The ratio should be minimum 70% in order to actively kill off the germs. And you should avoid keeping ports such as usb ports and headphone jacks moist.


  • Turn off your device and unplug if it is on charge.
  • Use alcohol based antibacterial wipes with 70% ratio or alternatively spray alcohol or disinfectant sprays into a unused microfiber cloth.
  • Do not spray any cleaners straight into your phone.
  • Make sure to wring out the microfiber cloths if they are overly wet.
  • You can use soap and water to wash your phone case.
  • Sanitize your smartphone at least once a day.
  • Do not use paper towels to dry your phone.
  • Do not use 100% alcohol based cleaning products or liquid bleach in the hopes of killing the germs, it is a harmful step for your device.
  • Make sure no liquid leaks in your phones ports.

Aside from your smartphones, it is also quite important to keep your phone accessories sanitized as well. Make sure you repeat the same or a similar process to sanitize them as well.

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