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How to convert Xiaomi phone to Pixel

Is Xiaomi interface too complex? Is it so boring and slow? You don’t like the animations? Here is the guide to convert Xiaomi to Pixel if yes to all those and you want a more refreshed look.


Lawnchair module
Theme Patch (also works with MIUI 12.5)
Pixel Theme MTZ

Converting Xiaomi to Pixel made easy!

AOSP (Android Open Source Project, The Interface Google Pixel device has) has a simplistic user interface that’s light, smooth, and snappy. When it’s compared to MIUI, AOSP (Pixel UI) feels much smoother. There’s a way to get this smoothness and look in MIUI. However, converting Xiaomi to Pixel requires Magisk and LSPosed. And it only works with MIUI 12.5+ based on Android 11+. If you meet the requirements, you can go ahead and follow the steps below. Ensure you took a backup before doing it. It might cause issues in system, or system might not even boot at all.

Change the launcher

The first step towards converting Xiaomi to Pixel is the launcher. It’s possible to replace MIUI launcher with the AOSP one but in this case, we have to go with Lawnchair.

In order to install Lawnchair:

  • Download the required module from downloads section.
  • Open Magisk.
  • Go to modules.
  • Tap Install from storage.
  • Flash the launcher module that’s given in Downloads section.
  • Reboot.

This should prepare the base for Lawnchair to work but will NOT make Lawnchair usable just yet.

Disable signature verification on APK files

If you do not have LSPosed installed on your device, you can refer to our How to disable signature verification on Android content to install LSPosed on your device. If you wish so, you can also disable signature verification on APK files in that content as well.

In order to disable signature verification:

  • Download Corepatch & XDowngrader apk from downloads section of the post.
  • Enter LSPosed.
  • Enter Modules.
  • Activate both Corepatch and XDowngrader.
  • Reboot.

Set up Lawnchair with QuickSwitch

Download and install QuickSwitch APK file given in downloads section. Open the app and grant root access to it. Tap Lawnchair on the list and and confirm any prompt that appears on your screen. Once your device reboots, go into settings and set default launcher as Lawnchair. Unfortunately back gestures will break. Use FNG(Fluid Navigation Gestures) for the back gesture. This is currently the only workaround.

Install Pixel MIUI theme

Last step to converting Xiaomi to Pixel is the theme to change the overall look of your system. Flash theme patcher module given in downloads section in Magisk first.

Once the module is installed:

  • Enter themes app.
  • Go to My Account.
  • Go to Themes.
  • Tap Import.
  • Import the MTZ file given in the downloads section of the post.

How to revert?

Oh don’t worry, reverting process is easy too!

  • Uninstall Lawnchair module.
  • Uninstall updates of system launcher.
  • Set theme back to default.
  • Disable corepatch & XDowngrader in LSPosed.

And that’s it! Whole process is reverted.

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