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How to disable signature verification on Android

If you ever tried to install APKs of same app with different sources of that APK, you might faced an error named “Conflicting signatures”. There’s a way to pass this using root.

What is APK signatures? These signatures are mostly being used to not install modded apps over original ones(some sort of pirating way)and so app can’t be overwritten with a modded one without losing data. Or in other scenarios for example, this also limits the user from installing modded system apps over original ones as well to ensure safety. There’s a way to disable the signature verification check using Magisk&LSPosed.


  • Download required modules from “Downloads” section of the post.


  • Flash them in magisk, and reboot the device.
  • Download corepatch& XDowngrader apk from “Downloads” section of the post.


  • Enter LSPosed.
  • Enter “Modules”.
  • Activate both corepatch and XDowngrader.
  • Reboot.


Riru LSPosed

Keep in mind your device might not boot if your device is incompatible with LSPosed. If so, reboot to recovery, locate to /data/adb/modules and delete the modules off from there, or just format data.

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