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How to create a Mi Account

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As like any other ecosystem, Xiaomi also has it’s own ecosystem with their product. But, they need you to create a Mi Account to work properly with each other. This article shows you how to create a Mi Account with ease and simple steps.

How to create a Mi Account

As said above, it’s pretty much easy to create a Mi Account, it even sometimes takes less than a minute and does not require anything additional other than just your phone. Follow the proccedure below to learn how.

  • Open settings app on your Xiaomi phone.
  • Tap “Mi Account” which is located right on top of the settings.
  • Then, enter your phone number to continue. Your phone number is required for security incase of you lose access to the Mi Account.
  • Once you tap “Next”, it will ask for the code that gets sent via SMS to your phone number. Enter it whenever you receive it, or it should also automatically enter it anyway.
  • Once you enter the valid code, for human verification, it will ask you to enter the text in the picture, so it can verify that you’re a human and not a spammer bot. You have to complete this step in order to keep going.
  • Now on here, it will ask you to accept the Xiaomi Cloud’s privacy policy & user agreement to use it. Xiaomi Cloud is a backup service that Mi Account uses to backup your important things like pictures, contacts and such. Tap “Agree” to agree to Xiaomi Cloud’s privacy policy & user agreement. You can turn off sync here if you want to, and so it will not backup anything. You can change this option later.
  • And after that, it will take you back to the settings app with your brand new Mi Account created and logged in.

And that’s it! That’s how you create a Mi Account from scratch with using only your phone, and just a phone number and nothing additional! Now you can use the same Mi Account to login from other devices as well, and if you have sync on, it will sync your all data such as pictures and more between all devices that you sign in.

A sidenote is that creating a Mi Account might take slow and long, as Xiaomi’s servers are usually slow in any country except China as China is their mainland and so on. Every single step might even take up to 5 minutes each as the servers are usually really slow, so you might need to wait and be patient while creating the account.

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