How to Factory Reset Samsung Phones

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to factory reset Samsung devices as they become bloated and get laggy over time. While it is not a desired action to do so often, doing it every now and then is healthy for your device. Let’s go through how you can factory reset Samsung smartphones step by step together!

Factory Reset Samsung Devices

Factory resetting is basically wiping out all data including your photos, videos and anything that is reserved in your userdata partition therefore before getting into this, you may want to save your important data on your computer or any storage device in your possession. If you have done so, or have no important data stored on your device, proceed with going into Settings and search for factory data reset in search bar section.

Tap Factory data reset and check out the given information on the screen that shows up. If you are ready to do it, hit Reset button down below. It will reboot your device and once you reboot back into the system, your device will be completely wiped and you will come across a setup screen. If for some reason you have no access to your settings or system, you may also perform this action through recovery on certain models.

Turn off your device, press and hold the Power/Bixby + Volume Up buttons and once you see the Android mascot, stop holding. When the Android system recovery menu shows up, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset by going down on the list with Volume Down button. Select Yes in the next screen and when the factory reset is done, reboot into system by selecting Reboot System Now option. Once rebooted, you will again see the setup screen and you are ready to use your device all clean and fresh. If you want to factory reset your other brand devices, you may want to check out 4 Different Ways to Format Your Data!.

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