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4 Different Ways to Format Your Data!

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There are times when our data is very bloated and we’d like to get a fresh start or the data is corrupted and need to wipe it all out by formatting. There are several ways to format your data depending on what software you’re currently on. In this content, we will talk about how to format the data and in the end, you will have learnt how to do it no matter what ROM you’re currently on.

Settings Method

formatting via settings

Many ROMs include an option in settings to do a factory reset, which equals to formatting your data. This option usually resides in Settings > System > Reset options. In this section simply tapping on Factory data reset should wipe off your data and reboot. If you’re having trouble with finding this option, that is quite normal as it varies according to what ROM you’re using. To get over this problem, you could use search box usually found at the top of your Settings app. In there, type reset and it should get you to factory reset option.

Recovery Method

formatting via recovery

If settings method for some reason doesn’t work for you, do not worry! You can still factory reset without depending on your Settings app. Another way to reset your data is to go into stock recovery of your device. Reboot your phone and while it is booting up, long press on Power + Home (if you have it) + Volume up. This should put you right into stock recovery. In your recovery, go into wipe data/factory reset and select yes. After this process is done, you can reboot into your fresh and new system. Option names again can differ depending on your device, however, they will still be quite alike in a way that you can do these steps.

Format data using Mi Recovery

Since Xiaomi devices have a slightly different recovery than generic android recovery, we’d like to also quickly show you on it. In Mi Recovery, select Wipe Data, and in that section, select Wipe All Data.


If you’re using a custom recovery such as TWRP, steps are similar.  Go into Wipe, select Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache and swipe.

Fastboot Method

fastboot erase

Another way to format your data is through fastboot. If you do not have fastboot and drivers installed in your PC, you can use the following topic to install them:

How to Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC

After your fastboot installation, get your device into fastboot mode by long pressing on Power + Volume down, go into your PC’s command prompt and type in:

fastboot erase userdata



This will also erase your internal storage so make sure to do a backup if you have files you’d like to keep.

If you’re using Samsung however, Samsung devices do not include fastboot mode, therefore you should rather use settings or recovery method.

Google’s Find My Device Method

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

If you have lost your device, it is a serious security issue especially if you have sensitive information in it. Luckily, Google offers ways to handle this situation such as tracking your device through GPS, sending audio notifications in case you have lost it nearby and have the means to find it and also to remotely format it if it is no longer accessible and you don’t want your data to pass on a random person’s hands. For this method to work, your device has to be signed into your Google account and authorized. Here’s how you format it through Find My Device method:

  • Go to Google Find My Device and sign into your Google account. If you have more than one, click on the one that you want to take actions with
  • Click on Erase device

After a few prompts to erase it, this process will delete all data stored in your device and you will no longer have access to it through Find My Device feature.

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