How to fix HW Renderer issue in Android 12

As with the release of Android 12, there have been certain HW Renderer issues. In this content, we will be covering how you can fix this issue.

What is the solution for HW Renderer issue?

Ever since the Android 12 released, many manufacturers and custom ROMs are already getting out pretty fast. But as with that, it caused some issues. One of the known issues is that sometimes the screen is flickering on certain occasions during the use of the phone. This is related to HW renderer, as some of the custom ROM developers didn’t fix this issue at at all. There’s a way to fix it and it is by making system use GPU rendering. Keep in mind however that this will make your battery drain faster as it relies on your GPU.

Disable HW overlays from settings

This one is pretty simple to do. It just takes a few steps to disable HW overlays and make the system use GPU for rendering. To do it, follow the steps below. First of all, we need to enable developer options.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to About Phone.
  • Find Build number.
  • Tap Build number 7 times until the developer options gets unlocked.

And now that we have unlocked the developer options, we can now disable the HW overlays by following the process below.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go into System menu.
  • Open Developer options.
  • Scroll down until you see Disable HW overlays.
  • Turn on Disable HW overlays.

And you are now using GPU rendering, which fixes the HW Renderer issues entirely.

Disable HW overlays with Magisk module

Every time you reboot, the Disable HW overlays option that you enable in Developer settings gets turned off automatically. Therefore, turning on HW overlays option to fix the HW Renderer issue is inconvenient. Fortunately, there is a Magisk module to turn on the option every boot for you.

  • Download the module.
  • Open Magisk app.
  • Go to modules section.
  • Tap Install from storage.
  • Choose the HWUI Fix module.
  • Wait for it to flash.
  • Reboot.

And that’s it! Now you should have the rendering problems fixed as system uses GPU and not HW anymore. If you do not know what Magisk and Magisk modules are, you can learn about it in What is Magisk? & How to install Magisk Modules? content.

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