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How to download Magisk modules on Magisk 24 using Magic Mask Repo

So as may you know, Magisk 24 removed the repo and therefore modules are not downloadable through magisk anymore. Well, we made an app that contains all Magisk modules, just like how it was in Magisk before! This post shows you how to use it.

In Magisk version 23, people were able to download modules directly from Magisk app itself. But unfortunately, with Magisk version 24, that feature has been removed completely as the developer, topjohnwu, started working in Google and had to remove the feature as Google requested to do so. Using Magic Mask Repo, we are able to use it like how it was again! This guide shows you how to do it.

How to download the modules using Magic Mask Repo


  • Download the app from Play Store using the link down below.

magic mask repo

  • Open the app.
  • Search for the module that you want to download.
  • Tap “Download” button once you find the module.


  • Tap “Install” button after it’s downloaded.
  • Confirm the installation.


  • Once installation is done, reboot the phone.


  • And as you can see, module is installed in Magisk itself.

And there you are! You just installed a Magisk module using Magic Mask Repo!

Magic Mask Repo Downoad Link

The app also contains more additional modules compared to the original repo of Magisk itself, which you might wanna try out if it’s suitable for your phone.

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