How to get better Battery life on Xiaomi

Xiaomi devices are known with their popular interface based on Android; MIUI. But most of the user complain about battery issues.

This is a known issue for a long time on Xiaomi devices. MIUI itself takes too much battery life and makes the phone doesn’t feel like a good phone at all in battery side.
There are a few tricks you can do to increase the battery life!

1. Disable Animations

MIUI’s animations are known to use alot of battery. Follow steps below to disable the animations.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “More Options”.
  • Go to “Developer Options”.


  • Scroll down until you see the window animations.
  • Set them all to 0x.

Animations are now disabled!

2. Turn on battery saver

Turning on battery saver will limit the apps in background and stops them from working. Though this is recommended, it might kill some of your apps that you’re using and keeping them in background.

  • Open control center.
  • Scroll down to expand and see the all tiles.
  • Turn on battery saver by tapping to it’s icon

If these two still didnt help, keep going.

3. Debloat the apps

“Wait what is a debloat?” MIUI is filled with unnecessary system apps that mostly user won’t use at all, these apps are called “bloat software”. Yes, you can get rid of these apps.
This step requires a PC.
Follow our guide to learn how to debloat MIUI.

4. Enable Ultra Battery Saver

If these steps still didn’t help, you might need to turn on ultra battery saver which will totally limit off the phone to only 6 apps. This is not recommended, but if you’re looking for most juice out of the battery, you might try this out.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “Battery” section.


  • Tap “Ultra Battery Saver”.
  • Confirm the warning to turn in ultra battery saver.

5. Check your apps

You might have an app that’s dirty and using batteru in background without you noticing. Check battery section for the apps that’s using battery in background (or go to manage all apps section to look for any app that seems suspicious).

6. Check for updates

It might be also due to a software glitch that’s not been patched which affects the battery. You might want to check if there’s any updates for your device, by;

  • Open settings.
  • Open “Device Info”.
  • Tap to MIUI logo.
  • Check for updates from the updater.

7. Try factory resetting the device

None of the steps worked? It might be something due to software glitch. Try factory resetting the device.

  • Open settings.


  • Search for “factory reset”.
  • Tap erase all data. If you have a lock screen password/pin/pattern, it will ask you to enter it. Confirm to factory reset the device.

All of the steps above should increase your battery life at least a little. If it’s still not, you might want to replace your battery as Li-On batteries degrade over time. But it might be also something still related to the phone and not the battery, example if phone is too old, or used for a long time such as 2-3 years without a battery replacement under heavy conditions.

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