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MIUI’s Super Wallpapers: Install on any device

MIUI comes up with a set of wallpapers that are live, which we know it as Super Wallpapers. These wallpapers are specific to MIUI ROMs and under normal circumstances cannot be used in unsupported devices or ROMs. However, we also know humanity” always finds a way. Thanks to linuxct from XDA, it is now possible to use these amazing wallpapers on all devices.

Features included with these wallpapers:

  • Ported straight from MIUI 12. All features available in the original MIUI 12 APKs, with the exception of AOD, are available as well in these.
  • Adapted to work on AOSP-based ROMs. Thanks to some custom code I wrote, the unlock effects now work on any Android 8.0+ device.
  • Offers a wide variety of wallpapers to choose from. You can choose from astonishing green sceneries like the ones present in the Forest wallpaper, or submerge yourself in the red abyss of Mars, stopping by North Pole’s cold Glaciers. (NEW!) And now with the addition of Saturn, you can check two new beautiful renders of it, one showing its rings in horizontal and the other showing them in vertical.
  • NEW! Code reworked from the ground-up. With proper help of a VCS tool, all code is now shared among all APKs of each version, making it easier for future updates, and who knows what more surprises to come…)

How to install Super Wallpapers

Download and install the wallpaper APK of your preference from here. After the installation, go into Play Store, search for wallpapers by google and install the one in the photo below:

for access to super wallpapers

Open the Wallpapers app, scroll down to the bottom and you will see Live Wallpapers. Tap on it and you will find all the Super Wallpapers you have installed in this section. On certain Xiaomi devices, Wallpapers app does not display Open button, which will prevent you from applying these wallpapers. To get past that, you will need to install Activity Launcher app to access your wallpapers.

app to access super wallpapers

Open the Activity Launcher app and search for Wallpapers. Expand the Wallpapers menu and click on the first option. It should redirect you to the Wallpapers app and from there, you should be able to apply whatever wallpaper you would like to use on your device. You can make a shortcut for easier access on Activity Launcher as well by simply long tapping on the activity and Create shortcut option.

Lockscreen Apply Issues

super wallpaper selection

On some Xiaomi devices, you may have trouble applying Super Wallpapers to lockscreen. Simple trick to get past this issue is long press on home screen, select Wallpaper, select Wallpapers from the upcoming screen and a new Live Wallpapers section will come up. In that section, tap Download on any wallpaper you wish to use, tap on Apply and Set on both. After that, open the Wallpapers app by Google, open the Live Wallpapers section again, select your preferred wallpaper and apply it. it will work this time on both home and lock screens.

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