MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers: Install on any Android device

MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers have been a popular feature since the MIUI 12 update, offering users a unique and visually appealing experience on their Android devices. These animated wallpapers add a touch of dynamism to the lock screen and the home screen, providing users with stunning visuals that come to life when unlocking their phones. Thanks to the efforts of the developer linuxct, these wallpapers can now be enjoyed on a wide range of Android devices running Android 8 and above, with the exception of systems that only support 64-bit applications such as the Pixel 7 series.


MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers go beyond traditional static wallpapers by offering two distinct animated visuals that seamlessly transition between the lock screen and home screen. These wallpapers feature stunning views of celestial bodies, such as Earth, Mars, and the Moon, and provide a sense of immersion by simulating a three-dimensional effect.

  • All features available in the original MIUI.
  • Adapted to work on AOSP-based ROMs.
  • You can select different locations of Earth and Mars wallpapers using the inbuilt app.

Upon unlocking the device, the wallpaper transitions into a zoomed-in view of the chosen celestial body, revealing intricate details and captivating landscapes. The animations are smooth and fluid, enhancing the overall user experience and creating a sense of depth and realism.


There are 5 different wallpapers available. You can choose different regions in Mars and Earth wallpapers. Geometry wallpapers have both dark and light wallpapers.







On some Xiaomi devices, wallpaper cannot be applied on both the lock screen and the home screen. To avoid this problem, apply a different live wallpaper available in the system on both home and lockscreens and then apply Super Wallpapers.

To switch between different regions of Earth and Mars wallpapers, open configuration app (this app will be installed automatically when you install wallpapers, you can find them in app drawer) and select which region you want.

MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers have breathed new life into the concept of wallpapers on Android devices, providing users with captivating and animated backgrounds that elevate the visual experience. Initially exclusive to Xiaomi devices, linuxct’s efforts have made these wallpapers accessible to a wider audience, allowing users with Android 8 and above to enjoy the stunning animations on their own devices. While some devices, such as the Pixel 7 series, are limited by their support for 64-bit applications, the majority of Android users can now personalize their devices with these dynamic and immersive wallpapers. With their smooth animations and realistic visual effects, MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of personalization and user engagement on Android devices.

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