How to disable “SIM card not activated” notification?

In an earlier content, we talked about what Xiaomi SIM Card Activation was about. There are certain cases this activation process fails and leaves you with an annoying and persistent error notification but do not worry, we will walk you through how to get rid of it step by step.

Method to disable SIM activation using root

Root makes everything easier, therefore the solution also becomes easier. If you are a rooted user, you can use Titanium Backup app or any kind of app that has the feature to disable system apps, go into search box and type a part of the name of the app that you wish to disable, which in our case, typing sim would be enough. In the list that comes up, tap on Xiaomi SIM Activation Service and click on disable button and this will get rid of the annoying notifications and failed attempts at activation.

Methods to disable SIM activation without root

This is where things get a little more complicated. There are certain ways to counter this notification. One is disabling the notification in notification settings , which would get rid of it but the app would still be there and running in the background, which is not the most desirable outcome. Either case, we will still give you the tools and let you decide which way to go.

Notification disabling is fairly an easy way out. All you need to do is go into Settings > Apps > Manage apps, type Xiaomi in the search box, tap on Xiaomi SIM Activation Service app and disable all permissions and restrict data usage in there. Lastly in this section, go into Notifications and disable Show notifications option and it is done.

sim activation app settings

Another way to disable it is, go into Settings > Password and Security > Authorization & revocation and in this section disable Xiaomi SIM Activation Service and MiuiDaemon.

a method to disable activation notification

Notification should be gone after any of these methods.

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