How to Increase System Partition of Android Phones

Some users need increase system partition for flashing a better version of their phones current version. There are some partitions in the storage for the Android system and smartphone to work properly. These are the ones that are going to System, Data, Vendor, Cache, and so on. For these partitions, a specific partition is allocated in the storage space. The reason why less storage appears when we connect a 64 GB phone to a computer is that the space covered by these partitions is hidden.

The partition that we encounter most when installing ROM, the System partition, can sometimes be inadequate. An example of this is the “Insufficient storage space available in System partition” error encountered when installing Google applications in MIUI China. Increasing the System partition storage will solve this problem. To do this, you need TWRP recovery. Learn more about TWRP recovery here. Now let’s move on to the steps:

Note: If your device does not support partition setting, DO NOT TRY!

How to Increase System Partition

To increase system partition follow these steps

  1. Reboot to recovery
  2. Select “Wipe / Advanced Wipe”
  3. Select “System” and tap on “Repair or Change File System”
  4. Select “Resize File System” and swipe
  5. Done

increase system partition increase system partition increase system partition increase system partition increase system partition

You can see that the system memory has been increased by about 500 MB. You can use this feature when you need more storage in the System storage, for example when installing extra system apps. However, it is worth reminding again that your phone must support partition setting for this feature.

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