How to make your Realme phone smoother in under 5 minutes

Lags are unfortunately still common to this day, especially with Android devices. Realme devices are not exempt from it. Making your Realme phone smoother starts with knowing and understanding the reasons behind lags. There are in fact several reasons as to why these devices start lagging and good news is that there are also various ways to reduce and even stop the lags.

Why Realme devices start lagging

What’s worth mentioning about Realme devices is that 2 or more years old devices get laggier. And the possible reasons for that are as followed:

  • Installing too many apps which in return results in heavy usage in the background and major occupation in RAM.
  • Turning on special features that are not oftenly used and moreover it also ends up battery drain.
  • Smartphone producers tend to release feature rich and heavy updates that puts a strain on the older devices, causing it lags and eventually forcing the users to upgrade their devices.
  • Apps occupying the internal storage can also be a reason for lags, if the storage is near capacity.
  • Internal storage of the device tends to wear out over time as more and more read and write processes occur.

In order to get rid of the lags and make your Realme phone smoother, you need to fix each possible reason listed above. While internal storage wear outs are not quite fixable, the rest of the issues are. For internal storage wear out, the only thing you can do is prevention before it happens. And to prevent it, you need to keep read and write actions on the device minimal. For the rest of the list, you can move on to the Make your Realme Phone Smoother section.

Make your Realme Phone Smoother

These tips will not only help you reduce or even get rid of the lags and make your Realme phone smoother, but they will also help you with increasing empty space in storage and battery life. Last tip serves as a fix-all and is the most effective way to handle the lags.

Bloatware Apps

When too many apps installed on the device, these apps run their services hidden in the background, eating up your RAM, battery and processing power, even if you don’t use them. First step towards putting an end to these lags is to remove any unused or rarely used apps. This will end up in more space in storage, more battery life and more performant system, giving you a better Android experience.

Unused & Rarely Used Features

Another strain on your device is the special Realme features that awaits action in the background. If you have noticed before, many users prefer using stock Android experience and the reason for that is OEM ROMs tend to be bloated, both in app-wise and feature wise. While additional features are fun and useful to have, having too many can also cause slowness. Switching to stock Android to make your Realme phone smoother may be an undesirable option, therefore disabling rarely used features should be enough for the moment.

Rolling Back the Updates

As we stated earlier, smartphone producers push heavier and feature rich updates that may be too much for your phone hardware to handle. It is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and buy their newer smartphones. Therefore, you need to think twice before updating your device. However, if you have already updated it, Android is flexible enough to allow you to downgrade. If you do not know how to downgrade, check in with your OEMs intructions, or your device community.

High Performance Mode

Realme stock ROM comes with High performance mode that boosts up your performance, which is a great option to have in situationgs where you experience these lags. Downside of this however, is that it will drain your battery faster than normal, making it not the best candidate for solving lags all the while making your Realme phone smoother. However, it is still worth keeping in mind if you have access to your charger throughout the day and don’t mind charging 2-3 times.

Switching to Stock Android

This is the most effective way to get rid of the lags to be fair. As we said earlier, OEM ROMs come with a lot of bloatware and features that put a strain on the performance and the battery life. Stock Android is free from all these bloatware and has always been much more performant than OEM ROMs. While this option is your best chance of making your Realme phone smoother, it is not well suited for devices that still have their guarantee as it may break the terms & conditions. And it is not very safe for unexperienced users. You need to check in with your device community on XDA or Telegram first before taking any action.

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