How to Reduce Thermal Throttling (Overheating)

Thermal Throttling; is a power constraint of a processor. The most important reason is high temperature and multiple workload distribution. The meaning of the word is not very well known but we often feel it. We have provided a few solutions below to mitigate the throttling

Keep the Phone Cool

When the phone temperature rises, the processor heats up more easily. If you are using the phone when it is very hot, causes the processor to become hotter. This is most important reason for throttling. Don`t use when the phone is hot, this way the phone stays cool

Close the Background Apps

Running applications in the background uses ram and CPU. Closing the backgrounds applications will reduce the load on the CPU and provide more performance.

Use Phone With a Case

People’s hand is warm (about 36 degrees celsius) the frame and  back cover of the phone conducts the heat. Creating a layer using a case. In this way, heat conduction will be reduced and phone stay cool.

Don’t Use Continuous Phone For a Long Time

Using the phone continuously for a long time will cause the CPU to heat up. Playing games for a long time, doing more than one operation will cause this.

Mobile Game

Don’t Use Phone While Charging

Phones get a little warm while charging, CPU gets overloaded and will gets hot, also using the phone while charging is harmful to battery health. Don`t use the phone while charging your phone will be cool and stays away the throttling effect.


Use Anti Thermal Throttling Magisk Module

Thermal throttling can be reduced with root access. Install the magisk module given in the link

Open the Magisk, Tap Modules


Select the downloaded file and tap reboot


Use the Performance Mode

Performance mode came to phones with MIUI 13. You can open this mode as *Settings>Battery>Performance Mode* Performance mode makes your phone more efficiently performance.

Open the Settings and tap Battery

Swipe for Performane Mode and to Approve 

We learned thermal throttling reduction methods. You can get higher fps on those games like PUBG, COD and Genshin Impact by following these steps.

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