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How to Register Mi Pilot Updates?

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Xiaomi occasionally publishes Mi Pilot applications. This is to allow users to test and experience global beta updates. If users see bugs after experiencing the global beta updates, they report them from the services & feedback app. If no error is found, this update is released to all users.

Some people ask how they can participate when Mi Pilot applications are released. Today we will tell you how you can become a Mi Pilot. We mentioned earlier that the Mi Pilot application was published. You can reach the topic we talked about by clicking here. Now, let’s explain in detail how you can participate.

First, let’s talk about the requirements to become a Mi Pilot.

Requirements to become Mi Pilot:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • If there is a problem while installing the update, you must be at the level that can fix it.
  • Developers should be informed about published updates.
  • You must have and use one of the devices specified in the Mi Pilot application.
  • You must log in to your device with the Mi Account you applied for.

If you meet these requirements, you can reach the application screen by clicking here and continue reading our topic.

Let’s start with our first question. In this section, he mentions that some of your information may be collected and this information will remain confidential under the Xiaomi privacy policy. If you agree, say yes and go to question 2. If you do not accept, say no and leave the application.

When we come to the second question, it mentions that some information such as IMEI and Mi Account ID may be collected so that the update can reach your device. If you agree, proceed to question 3. If you do not accept, say no and leave the application.

When we come to the 3rd question, it mentions that only users aged 18 and over can become Mi Pilot. If you are over 18, say yes and go to question 4. If you are under the age of 18, say no and leave the application.

We come to question 4. Please backup your data before updating. The tester must have the ability to recover the phone if the update has a problem, and must be willing to take the risks associated with the update failure. If you agree with these, proceed to question 5. If you do not accept, leave the application.

The 5th question asks for your Mi Account ID. Go to Settings-Mi Account-Personal Information. Your Mi Account ID is written in that section.

You found your Mi Account ID. Then copy your Mi Account ID, fill in the 5th question and move on to the 6th question.

Question 6 asks us for our IMEI information. Type *#06# in the dialer app and copy your IMEI information and fill in the 6th question.

Now that you’ve completed question 6, let’s move on to question 7.

Question 7 asks what kind of Xiaomi device you are using. Mi series or Redmi series etc.  Choose Mi series if you are using a Mi series device, or Redmi series if you are using a Redmi series device. Since I use a Mi series device, I will choose the Mi series.

The 8th question asks which device you are using. Choose which device you are using and proceed to question 9. Since I use Mi 9T Pro, I will choose Mi 9T Pro.

When we come to our question this time, it asks what is the ROM region of your device. To check the ROM region, please go to “Settings-About phone”, Check the displayed characters.

“MI” stands for Global Region-12.XXX(***MI**).

“EU” stands for European Region-12.XXX(***EU**).

“RU” stands for Russian Region-12.XXX(***RU**).

“ID” stands for Indonesian Region-12.XXX(***ID**).

“TW” stands for Taiwan Region-12.XXX(***TW**)

“TR” stands for Turkey Region-12.XXX(***TR**).

“JP” stands for Japan Region-12.XXX(***JP**).

Click here for more information on ROM regions.

Fill in the question according to your ROM region and proceed to the next question. I will choose Global as mine belongs to Global Region.

We come to the last question. It asks you if you are sure that you entered all your information correctly. If you have entered all the information correctly, say yes and fill in the last question.

You are now a Mi Pilot. All you have to do from now on is to wait for the next updates.

You have learned how to register for the Mi Pilot application. Don’t forget to follow us if you want to see more such guides.

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