How to remove MIUI’s annoying 10 second warning via Woobox

What is Woobox? Woobox is a LSPosed module for customize MIUI. It contains many features. For example, you can remove MIUI from waiting for 10 seconds unnecessarily with this module. And you can downgrade apps in stock package installer. There are also many tweaks for the system launcher. Status bar customizations etc. Let’s move on to the installation of the module.


  1. LSPosed, if you don’t have LSPosed you can install it following this article.
  2. Magisk, if you don’t have Magisk you can install it following this article.

How to install Woobox

  • Open the LSPosed app and go to downloads tab. Then search for “Woobox”. Then tap the 2nd section. After that, go to releases tab and tap assets button. Then you will see the download link, tap and download. Then install the APK file.
  • The you will see a notification from LSPosed app, tap on it and select Woobox. Then enable the module. It will select necessary apps itself. So enable and restart your phone.
  • After reboot, open the app. You will see 3 tabs. First one is about customize some system stuffs lie double tab sleep. You can explore the app. Second one is makes changes in the system. An example if you enable “Allow screenshot” you can able to take screenshot in Telegram secret chats and etc. 3rd one is including some system apps like Gallery, Security and etc. You able to changing some stoffs about that apps. An example you can disable 10 second waiting on openin USB debugging. Just you need to tap OK while countdown.

Here’s how you can get rid of MIUI’s unnecessary stuffs. The module has more features than the ones listed above. Do not forget to restart your device after following the actions, some actions do not require a reboot. Don’t forget to add your comments about the module!

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