How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Samsung

Safe mode on Samsung is a diagnostic tool that helps you troubleshoot problems on your device, problems such as excessive lags, app crashes and so on. It turns off all third-party apps and services to help you identify the problem. Sometimes users may get into this mode by accident as it is quite easily reachable, and we will help you get out of safe mode on Samsung devices in this content.

What is Safe Mode on Samsung?

As you may know, Android is a quite flexible operating system that lets you to install many third party apps, do a lot of changes throughout the system and customize deeply. Safe mode is a part of Android operating system that allows you to boot your device on a more restricted way, without many of these custom changes and external apps in order for you to detect problems and the root reasons of these problems.

If you’re dealing with significant slowness, lags, stutters or other problems while starting up your phone or using your device on a regular basis, one or more of the installed apps could be the reason. Booting your device in safe mode should help you narrow down the possible causes for these problems. For instance, If you do not have lags and stutters while you are in safe mode, then you can safely assume one or more of the apps on your system are putting a strain on your device performance.

How Do I Get Out of Safe Mode on Samsung?

If you have gone into safe mode by accident or you have already detected the possible cause, in order to turn off safe mode on Samsung devices, all you need to do is:

  • Press Power hardware key
  • Select Restart on power menu
  • Press on Restart button again

Once your device is rebooted, you will have successfully got out of safe mode on your Samsung device. If you wish to get into the safe mode again, all you need to do is:

  • Press Power hardware key
  • Press and hold on Power off button on power menu
  • It will prompt you to get into the safe mode, hit OK and wait for it to reboot

After your device is rebooted, you will once again be in safe mode. If you are experiencing lag issues, you may also want to check out Do These If Your Phone Has Lags After Update content for more information and solutions on it.


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