How to use Mi-FreeForm on AOSP devices?

Mi-FreeForm allows opening apps into floating window mode. In this way, you will be able to use 2 applications at the same time, just like MIUI. For example, while watching videos from Instagram, you can also browse Facebook. This feature is supposed to come to AOSP ROMs as of Android 10. Because MIUI, which is based on Android, has made this feature available in the Android 10-based MIUI 12 version. This feature is also available in AOSP. You just need to enable it from developer options. And it only works on the home screen. So although it has this feature, it is very useless. Mi-FreeForm app eliminates this uselessness. In this article you will learn how to use Mi-FreeForm application.


  1. Shizuku or LSPosed. You will learn both ways.
  2. Mi-FreeForm app.
  3. AOSP ROM, actually ROM doesn’t matter, but this feature is usually available on non AOSP interfaces.

How to use Mi-FreeForm via Shizuku

Firstly you need to set Shizuku. There are 2 ways to run Shizuku. Root mode and rootless mode.

Running Shizuku with Root

  • In this section you will see how to run Shizuku for rooted users. Firstly open the shizuku app. Then you will see start button. This is only for Rooted devices. If your devices isn’t rooted, read next title. Then grant the root permission. After a few texts appearing on the screen, Shizuku is running successfully.

Running Shizuku with ADB

  • This time you need to turn on USB Debugging on your phone. For this, open the settings app and slide down. You will see system tab, tap on it. Then tap the developer options. And slide little bit down again. You will see USB debugging button. Enable it.
  • Then if your PC doesn’t has ADB drivers. firstly install it. Then open th CMD. Type “adb shell sh /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/moe.shizuku.privileged.api/” command and hit the enter button.
  • If you have an output like the one above after writing the code, the process is complete, Shizuku is now running.

How to use Mi-FreeForm via LSPosed

In this method you have to have root privileges. And you have to install LSPosed. If you don’t know how to install LSPosed, follow this article.

  • The guide will continue assuming you have installed the LSPosed software. Firstly open the LSPosed, and tap the modules tab. It marked on 2nd photo. Ten select Mi-FreeForm module. Then enable it. After enabling, restart your device.

How to use Mi-FreeForm

  • Open the Mi-FreeForm app. Then allow the Shizuku’s permission (If you are using lsposed version, it won’t ask a permission like that). Then tap app settings button for setting the floating button. You have to scroll down a little on the screen that appears in front of you. And enable the floating button section. If you want the floating button on the right, you can press the floating button settings just below and get the button on the right. If it asks for permission to show it on other apps, give the permission as in the photo.
  • Now that all the settings are done, we can use it. Tap the floating button fot opening dock. Then tap the edit button and add the apps that you want open in floating windows. Then tap the app, it will open in a floating window. Gestures like MIUI, if you can drag top to bottom (red square) the app will be fullscreen. If you drag bottom to top (red square) the app will be closed. If you drag lower right diagonal or upper left diagonal (green square) you can adjust the size of floatin window.

Thats it! now you can use floating windows on AOSP based ROMs. You can thank sunshine0523 for this app. Do not forget to mention the places you hang out and your opinions in the comments.

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