How Xiaomi Makes Updates? – Testing and Release Processes

As one of today’s leading smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi meticulously prepares software updates aimed at providing customers with a superior user experience. Xiaomi’s MIUI interface is the underlying software platform for its smartphones and is constantly being improved to bring users the latest features and performance improvements. This article will discuss in detail how Xiaomi prepares its software updates and what kind of testing process it goes through to ensure a better experience for users.

Xiaomi’s Update Preparation Steps

Today, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Regular software updates are essential to use our smartphones more efficiently and safely. At this point, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi regularly offers MIUI updates to provide users with better experiences and improve the performance of their devices.

Xiaomi prepares software updates in 3 different builds: Daily, Weekly, and Stable versions. First, daily releases are being tested in the first phase. In the second stage, the beta testing process starts and weekly versions are offered to beta testers. Finally, stable versions are released to end users.

  • Preparation of Daily Versions
  • Public release of daily versions on every Friday, Weekly Versions
  • Updates Rolling Out to End Users, Stable Versions

First Phase: Daily Versions

The Xiaomi software team prepares special builds, so-called daily versions. These versions are the early stages for the software team to experiment and test. New features, fixes, and performance improvements are added to daily versions. Here, the software team begins the development process by identifying bugs and potential issues.

Beta Testing Process: Weekly Versions

After the testing of daily versions, weekly versions are included in the beta testing process. In this phase, beta testers get the opportunity to experience the weekly updates in advance and provide feedback. Beta testers are mostly Xiaomi users in China. Weekly releases focus on fixing bugs and issues from the daily versions.

Updates Rolling Out to End Users: Stable Versions

As a result of fixes and improvements made in the weekly versions, updates become fully stable. At this point, stable versions are the official updates rolled out to end users. MIUI Stable updates go through a lengthy testing process and are scrutinized to provide users with a smoother experience.

Analyzing User Needs and Feedback

Xiaomi constantly analyzes user needs and feedback, which form the basis of updates. Surveys, forums and user feedback are used effectively to understand what kind of features and fixes users want to benefit from. This information helps to prioritize goals and focus areas for updates.

Importance in the Testing Process

MIUI updates go through a lengthy testing process before being released to users. At each stage, detailed tests are conducted to identify and fix bugs. However, it is possible that some bugs may not be detected or some users may have different experiences. Therefore, Xiaomi encourages users to provide feedback on bugs.

User Feedback: Continuous Improvement

Xiaomi believes that user feedback is of great importance. It closely monitors feedback to identify problems experienced by users and fix them quickly. The active participation of users is vital for the continuous development of the software and the improvement of the user experience.

MIUI 14 and MIUI 15

The current latest MIUI version, MIUI 14, is used on many devices. Xiaomi is always working towards a better user experience and has now started internal testing for MIUI 15. MIUI 15 is in the testing phase with daily versions and will be available to beta testers with weekly versions after a certain period of time. Finally, MIUI 15 will be rolled out to end users once it is fully stable.

Xiaomi meticulously manages its update processes to meet the needs of users and improve the quality of updates. MIUI updates are continuously improved through daily, weekly and stable versions, allowing users to get a better experience. The importance Xiaomi attaches to user feedback when preparing updates is an important factor that increases the company’s leadership in the software field and user satisfaction.

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