Image of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is leaked: Here is the new design

1 day left until announce of the new Xiaomi 12S series. Xiaomi’s 2022 flagship, Xiaomi 12S Ultra , is leaked!

12S ultra features a massive 1″ sized main camera. It’s the biggest camera sensor ever used in a Xiaomi Phone. Xiaomi 12S Ultra will come with black and white variants however we got image of the black variant only.

Image of leaked Xiaomi 12S Ultra

It has a Leica logo at the upper left corner. As appears on the image, Xiaomi 12S Ultra will feature 3 cameras. Unlike the older “Ultra” models (Mi 10 Ultra and Mi 11 Ultra) Xiaomi’s new flagship offers a circular camera array which is similar to some Redmi phones. Wide angle camera is at the left side of the camera array and telephoto camera is at the bottom.

Mi 10 Ultra has 2 telephoto cameras, one 2x and other one 5x, making possible to shoot portrait photos and far distances with the telephoto cameras. Sadly Xiaomi 12S Ultra offers only one telephoto camera which is capable of making 5x zoom with 120mm focal length.

12S Ultra camera specifications

  • IMX 989 50 MP 1″ main camera
  • IMX 586 48 MP 1/2″ ultra wide angle camera
  • IMX 586 48 MP 1/2″ telephoto camera

These are the ones we expect it to come with. We recently shared that 12S Ultra will feature a 1″ sensor. Read the related article here. So what do you think about the new 12S Ultra? Share what you think in the comments..

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