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Increase the Animation Smoothness for MIUI 13 without using Root!

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Your phone might be slow in terms of animations, you can increase the animation smoothness for MIUI 13 without needing to use any root privileges! Sometimes, Xiaomi might make your device’s animation times slower than usual, which might make the feel of using a slow phone. But fret not, this guide will show you how to make your MIUI 13 animations faster and smoother than they should.


What animations are we talking about, which animations feel slower than usual and which animations should feel smooth? Xiaomi and mostly Redmi sometimes code their mid-range devices to have slower animations than normal, which causes the user to think that their device isn’t good enough. The community has found out how to increase their animation timings to make the animations make much better than it already is.

There are three animations that we need to bat an eye for, those being, app opening animation, app closing animation and the recents animation.

Animation Smoothness for MIUI 13: Instructions.

To make those animations smoother than they should, we need to use a few tools such as ADB. ADB is a tool that mainly focuses on the debugging side of Android, but also can use root privileges too! ADB is used for many uses by Xiaomi users, such as debloating your Xiaomi device. You can click here on seeing how you can debloat your Xiaomi device.

The Requirements

The Requirements for this guide are:

  • ADB Platform Tools, you can install ADB by clicking here, you can learn how to install and use ADB properly by clicking here as well.
  • USB Debugging Enabled by phone.

The Instructions

  • First off, we need to check if our device can be seen by ADB properly, for that, we need to type in “adb devices”.
  • Then, type in “adb shell settings put system slider_animation_duration 650″ to smoothen the animations.
  • Reboot your device.

The “650” in the second command is milliseconds, that number decides on how the animation will operate in seconds, It can be increased up to 1000. But it is not necessary, making it 1000 milliseconds will enforce to animation to animate at a slower speed, rather than smooth, it will become slower, the number 650 is the perfect amount you would need.

  • The stock command to return everything to normal is: “adb shell settings put system slider_animation_duration 450”


We’ve covered up the animation smoothness for MIUI 13 ROMs with this guide, making the animations from janky slow to smoothly fast. Most Redmi users are angry about this smoothness not being included in their Redmi devices. But with this guide, even Redmi devices will be smooth from now on.

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