How To Install Xiaomi Memoji Feature in 2022! Easy and Fun

We all know the cool memoji feature in iOS where you can use an animated emoji that tracks our face movements and implement it into. What you may not know is MIUI also has the similar feature called Mimoji. It is a direct copy of memoji but who doesn’t like an extra and good feature whether it is a copy or not?

It comes with certain built-in emojis like Xiaomi’s mascot, pig, fox, panda and several others. It is also possible to create your own avatar that resembles your or any of your friends’ face however if this doesn’t come within your MIUI installation and you’re actually installing it later on, you will not have this feature nor it will be implemented in your camera app. You can only use built-in characters, do records and share those records.

Installing Memoji on Android


Installing mimoji is quite easy, as simple as installing an APK file. You can download and install this file from the link below:

Download MiMoji here

After downloading the file, go into your Downloads folder or downloads section of your browser, tap on the file, enable installing from unknown sources if it is required, and hit install. If you do not know where to find unknown sources option, you may find it via a quick search in settings’ search bar or the installation may also directly lead you there. After install the APK, open Mimoji App.

Look at the screen and select your character from bottom.

Features Of Xiaomi Mimoji’s:

  • 12 Mimoji’s video recording up to 30 Seconds
  • Able to change audio pitch to men and women and cartoon
  • You can save the results and share it
  • Unlocked cartoon effect
  • Ported and translated Chinese to the English language

Usage of Mimoji


All you have to do is find and launch the app in your launcher, choose a character of your preference and tap on the big red round button down below and it will start recording. When you finish the recording, you can share it in video format on any platform you like!

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