Major changes in Xiaomi India to prepare for the next step of growth

Xiaomi India has made an announcement today stating several systemic and major changes in Xiaomi India for the next step of growth.

Major changes in Xiaomi India to make ways for growth!

One of these major changes in Xiaomi India includes Manu Kumar Jain who switched to a global role as Group Vice President, assuming responsibilities for International Strategy as well as International Marketing and Public Relations.

Previously, Kumar was asked to appear before The Enforcement Directorate to answer queries relating to the alleged violations of the foreign exchange law by the company, as well as his knowledge of the matter. However, based on a report Xiaomi filed in the court, many of its top officials were intimidated with “physical violence” during questioning by the regulatory body. The Enforcement Directorate made a statement denying these allegations of threats and claiming that all the officials had testified under the most conducive environment.

Ever since the new position of Kumar in India, Xiaomi India leadership team that composes of Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operation Officer, Raghu Reddy, Chief Business Officer and Sameer BS Rao, Cief Financial Officer, have been doing a great job managing and pioneering the India business in a fair and independent manner.

Another one of the major changes in Xiaomi India is, one of the Xiaomi Global founding team members, POCO founding member and formerly known as the General Manager of Xiaomi Indonesia, Alvin Tse will take charge of the General Manager position in Xiaomi India. After the this transition, Alvin and the Xiaomi India leadership team will join forces to further along the company’s next step of growth.

Alvin, whether his British roots or being a true global citizen, has been an asset to the company, expanding Xiaomi into many global markets. His Standford background and his experience working across four of the largest smartphone and internet markets in the world, Alvin takes pleasure in his job bridging markets, people and opportunities.

To enrich and help the India leadership team become much stronger, Anuj Sharma has returned to Xiaomi India as Chief Marketing Officer. Anuj Sharma, with his new role, will supervise and lead the whole brand and marketing strategy. He will play a major role in assisting Xiaomi’s link to the consumers across the nation. In light of these major changes in Xiaomi India, under the lead of this team, Xiaomi India will remain true to its core ideals where it produces incredible products with decent prices in a way that anyone in the whole world could enjoy the better lifestyle that comes with their innovative technology.

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