Mijia smartglass announced in China: 5X optical zoom!

Xiaomi’s new product is finally here: Mijia smart glass. As Xiaomi states, to enable everyone to express their creative enthusiasm, they will integrate intelligent imagery and augmented reality technologies together. In short Xiaomi combines AR glasses and common eyeglasses together. It will equip camera at the side of smart glass.

We don’t know when this smart glass will be on sale but the retail price will be 2699 CNY(400 USD) and 2499 CNY for crowdfunding price in China. Crowdfunding will be held on August 3 in China.

Mijia smartglass specifications

  • 50 MP main camera
  • 8 MP periscope telephoto camera(5X)
  • 1020 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Wi-Fi
  • 32 GB Storage
  • Snapdragon 8 core processor
  • Real time translation with AR

We have images of the new smart glass in hand. It looks pretty minimal and a futuristic glass. Here are some images of new Mijia smartglass.

New Mijia smart glass equips two different cameras. Unfortunately main 50 MP camera doesn’t have OIS but thankfully OIS is present on telephoto camera. 50 MP main camera has f1.8 aperture and the telephoto camera’s aperture is f3.4. We don’t know if this product will be available globally or not but it costs 400 USD in China at the moment. What do you think about the new Mijia smart glass? Please let us know your opinion in the comments!

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