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MIUI 13 first look! Leaked videos and new features of MIUI 13!

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MIUI 13 videos were found inside the leaked system apps. We got information about 3 new features.

As we approach MIUI 13, new features of MIUI 13 appear every day. The new widgets added to the system with MIUI 12.5 Beta were not available in the MIUI 12.5 stable version. Screen videos of this feature, which will come with MIUI 13, were found in MIUI applications. We can understand that it belongs to MIUI 13, from the large size of the clock in the upper left. This change made in the latest versions of MIUI 12.5 shows that the videos from MIUI 13.

MIUI 13 Leaked Videos and Features

Infinity Scroll

In this video, switching between pages on the main screen of MIUI 13. Although the icons look the same as MIUI 13, this video shows a feature of MIUI 13. This feature returns to the top page when we come to the end of the page. This feature may be called as “Infinity Scroll”.


This video introduces the Smart Toolbox feature that will be added with MIUI 13. The Smart Toolbox feature was used as Video Toolbox in older MIUI versions. The Video Toolbox feature was renamed Smart Toolbox in the recent beta versions of MIUI 12.5. It shows the introduction of this feature. They renamed it “Sidebar” in last version of MIUI 12.5.

Small Widgets

This videos show the new “Small Widgets” that will be added to MIUI 13. These widgets were added with MIUI 12.5 beta, but will be added to the stable version with MIUI 13. It shows the introduction of this feature.

When we look at the clock, we see 8:16. MIX 4 was released on 8/16. This means that Xiaomi wanted to release MIUI 13 on August 16. However, they could not complete the work. They will publish the MIUI 13, which they could not publish with MIX 4, with the Xiaomi 12 family. Xiaomi 12 and MIUI 13 will be released on December 28.

We can try some of the features that will come with MIUI 13 with the MIUI 12.5 Beta version. The launch date of MIUI 13 will be on December 28, along with the Xiaomi 12 series.

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