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MIUI Always on Display All Features, Versions, and more! [Updated: 13 July 2023]

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As Xiaomi adds more and more features to MIUI, one of it’s kind is Always on Display feature. It is a feature that displays clock and date along with notifications as small icons for the user to have a quick glance on the phone without turning the screen actually on, as Always on Display is made for non-IPS devices and therefore it turns the non-necessary pixels off.

The MIUI interface is designed to make smartphones simple, intuitive and functional. It doesn’t look like any other Android interface and has many great visual features. For example, you can change the color of the navigation buttons, status bar and background to match your preferences. You can also hide the navigation buttons by dragging them up or down on the screen. Other notable aspects of the interface are quick switches between apps, a dropdown menu for frequently used apps and a task manager for closing background apps.

Using Xiaomi’s user interface enhances your smartphone experience by making it simpler and more enjoyable. You can customize certain aspects of it to fit your preferences better than Google’s default options do. Just like so, you can customize one of the aspects, which is Always on Display.

In this article we will explain the Always on Display feature by feature along with it’s versions and such.


This section will explain all features one by one seperately(this does not contain customizations).

Display options

This feature allows the user to change when Always on Display should be on or off. Some phones do not have “Always” while also some else phones do not have “For 10 seconds after tapping” option. It depends on the device compability.


There’s many many things you can customize about MIUI’s Always on Display. There’s 2 ways to customize it. First, is by the default options, and second is by using themes.

Default customizations

On the stock default clock, you can customize it’s style, color, disable or enable additional icons, with it’s position as well.

There’s also the text instead, which you can also customize it just like the default clock as well and display a text instead of a clock on Always on Display.

With Themes

You can also follow the procedure above to get more themes along with more customizations for Always on Display.


This section shows you the last version of Always on Display.

RELEASE-2.11.1115-0626172023.7.13Bug fixes.Download

And that’s all for MIUI Always on Display. You can check our other articles explaining other MIUI system apps as well to know features about them.

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