MIX FOLD did not get MIUI 13 Beta update yet

Xiaomi does not care about the updates of the MIX FOLD device like the MIX 3 5G. While all devices have received MIUI 13 in Beta, MIX FOLD still has not received this upgrade.

The Xiaomi MIX series includes Xiaomi’s prototype class devices. Although these devices are innovative devices, they lag behind in updating. MIX FOLD’s updates are interrupted frequently in the beta program. MIX FOLD was the last device to receive the MIUI 12.5 update. This time, while all devices have received MIUI 13, MIX FOLD still has not received MIUI 13.

According to two information we shared in the past days, MIX FOLD will not receive updates again. One of these information was the text “MIX FOLD doesn’t support OTA updates” in the Xiaomi system application. We thought it was a mistake when we first saw it, but weird thing happened the next day. While all devices received internal MIUI 13 update, MIX FOLD did not receive internal MIUI 13 update. And today, MIUI 13 was introduced. After MIUI 13 was introduced, MIUI 13 update was given to 32 devices, while MIUI 13 update did not come to MIX FOLD device.

“cetus” is the code name of the MIX FOLD device. In these lines of the Xiaomi system application “cetus device not support ota!” has lines. When we examine the update that came today, it says “ro.miui.ui.version.name=V125” in the version section of the published update. This means that the MIUI version of the 21.12.27 update released for MIX FOLD is MIUI 12.5.

Why MIX FOLD will not receive any other update?

One of the reasons why MIX FOLD does not receive updates may be because MIUI FOLD is difficult to optimize. When we check the MIUI FOLD 12.5 update, we see that most of the applications in the system and codes in the system have been the same since the first months of 2021. While adding new features on all other devices, no change has been made on MIUI FOLD. Sadly, MIUI 12.5 and Android 11 may be the last update for MIX FOLD.

The reason why the MIX FLIP device, which is planned to be introduced in the summer of 2021, is not released, may be the update problem. MIX FLIP device was canceled at the last moment, while it came to its certificates and mass production. Xiaomi will launch the MIX FOLD 2 device in the summer of 2022. We’ll see if Xiaomi will handle the updates of MIX FOLD 2. However, the short update life of MIX FOLD is a bad experience for users who waiting MIX FOLD 2.


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