MIX FOLD may not receive MIUI 13 and other updates!

A line of code about to MIX FOLD was found in the leaked application of MIUI 13. According to this line of code, MIX FOLD may not receive new updates!

Xiaomi hastily released the MIX FOLD device in order not to stay away from the folding device population. The device, which is a generation old, had the test phase for close to 1.5 years. However, Xiaomi had a hard time giving updates to this device. MIX FOLD was released with an update problem just like other MIX devices . MIX FOLD received the last MIUI 12.5 update. Although all devices have Android 12 beta, MIX FOLD still hasn’t started Android 12 beta tests. After the fear of Android 12, the fate of the MIX FOLD device began to seem the same as the MIX 3 5G and MIX ALPHA.

Why MIX FOLD may not get MIUI 13

When we review the codes of the MIUI Feedback application, we encountered some sad lines. This code is unique to “cetus” only and “MIX FOLD device not support ota!” contains the text. This line was missing in the Feedback app of V12.9 (Last update for MIUI 12.5).

Cetus is the codename of the MIX FOLD device. According to the codes of MIUI 13 feedback application, people with MIX FOLD device will give an error when checking for OTA updates. According to the error, MIX FOLD will not support updates. There could be 2 reasons why Xiaomi wrote this. The fact that MIX FOLD will not receive MIUI 13 and Android 12. The second reason is that it will be optimized to MIUI FOLD version after MIUI 13 is released. A new MIX FOLD device will be released in June. Therefore, for a better MIUI experience, MIUI FOLD update for MIX FOLD may come out with MIX FOLD 2

We are saddened by the fact that Xiaomi has ended its support for the MIX FOLD device, even less than a year after its release. We hope that such a code exists because MIUI FOLD has not yet been optimized. If MIX FOLD will not receive an update again, it may be disappointing for those who wait MIX FOLD 2.

MIUI 13 will be released in beta and stable versions on December 28. Whether MIX FOLD will receive this update has turned into possibilities after the article here. We hope that Xiaomi does not cancel the MIUI 13 work for MIUI FOLD.


Update 21 December 2021


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