New MIUI 15 icons could look like this

MIUI, Xiaomi’s proprietary user interface, has long been praised for its sleek design and extensive customization options. With the upcoming release of MIUI 15, Xiaomi is expected to introduce a significant transformation in the visual appearance of its application icons. The new design formula, featuring an ovalized aspect ratio of n:3, aims to provide a fresh and modern look to the user interface. Additionally, MIUI 15 may set to embrace the Material You design language, mayoffering a seamless integration of the Android ecosystem. This article delves into the details of these anticipated changes and explores the impact they may have on the MIUI user experience.

Revamping Icon Design

One of the most noticeable changes in MIUI 15 will be the transformation of application icons. Xiaomi’s decision to adopt an ovalized aspect ratio of n:3 for the icons marks a departure from the previous rectangular shape used since MIUI 10. This ovalization brings a softer and more contemporary aesthetic to the icons, creating a unified and visually appealing interface. By embracing this new design formula, Xiaomi aims to provide a consistent and modern look across all of its applications.

Xiaomi’s Logomark Influence

In 2021, Xiaomi invested significant resources into reimagining its own logo with an ovalized aspect ratio of n:3. The subtle curvature of the logo was designed to convey elegance and innovation. With MIUI 15, Xiaomi extends this design philosophy to its application icons, establishing a cohesive visual language that resonates with the brand identity. This integration not only reinforces Xiaomi’s commitment to design excellence but also strengthens the overall user experience by creating a harmonious connection between the logo and the interface.

Material You Integration

Another exciting development coming to MIUI 15 is the adoption of Google’s Material You design language. Introduced in Android 12 and further refined in Android 13, Material You focuses on personalization and adaptive design. By leveraging the capabilities of Material You, MIUI 15 may allow users to experience a dynamic interface that adjusts its appearance based on personal preferences and system themes. This integration will create a more immersive and personalized user experience, as icons and other UI elements adapt to the user’s individual style.

Automatic Material You Icon Generation

With the integration of Material You, MIUI 15 may also feature the automatic creation of Material You icons. This functionality, introduced in Android 14, allows the system to generate customized icons based on the visual characteristics of the app. By leveraging this feature, MIUI 15 will provide users with a seamless and consistent interface, where all icons adhere to the Material You design principles. This enhancement will bring a sense of cohesiveness and elegance to the overall UI, elevating the user experience to new heights.

Icon Redrawing Possibilities

Additionally, reports suggest that MIUI 15 may introduce the ability to redraw icons. This feature would enable users to modify or customize the appearance of specific icons, providing even greater flexibility in personalizing the interface. Whether it’s adjusting colors, shapes, or details, this newfound freedom would empower users to create unique and tailored home screen experiences. If implemented, this feature could revolutionize the level of customization and self-expression within the MIUI ecosystem.

MIUI 15 promises to usher in a new era of icon design and interface customization for Xiaomi users. With the adoption of the ovalized aspect ratio of n:3 for icons and the integration of Google’s Material You design language, Xiaomi aims to provide a visually appealing and personalized user experience. These anticipated changes, combined with the possibility of icon redrawing, signify a significant leap forward in terms of interface design and customization options within the MIUI ecosystem. As Xiaomi continues to prioritize design excellence and user-centric features, MIUI 15 is poised to captivate users with its refined aesthetics and enhanced usability.

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