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New Xiaomi tablet got certificated: Xiaomi Pad 6?

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A new Xiaomi device passed the “3C” certification. It’s stated as a tablet device with the model name of “L81A”. Xiaomi and other Chinese OEMs started to offer super fast charging solutions on their new phones. Such as 67W charging on Redmi Note 11 Pro and blazing fast 120W on Redmi Note 11+.

This new tablet will come with 67W fast charging. Previous Xiaomi tablet was named as Xiaomi Pad 5 comes with 33W charging and its successor Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro has 67W charging. As compared to Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro this tablet will have same charging speed.

Is it Xiaomi Pad 6?

As seen on the certification we have only information that its model name will be 22081281AC. It’s uncertain if it will be named as Xiaomi Pad 6 or not but we assume it is Xiaomi Pad 6.

The tablet will have “MDY-12-EF” charger in the box. It’s a known 67W charger that’s been manufactured and used by Xiaomi. 22081281AC is the next generation of M2105K81C Xiaomi Pad 5 series.

As we don’t have too much info according to a famous Chinese tech blogger expects to this tablets released in the 2nd half of 2022. New chipset could be used on the tablets.

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