Paranoid Android | Custom ROM Review

If your smartphone is getting obsolete or update support has been discontinued, one of the things you can do is install Paranoid Android custom ROM. Cusom ROMs are customized ROMs, unlike the phone’s stock software. With a mostly pure Android interface, these custom ROMs are one of the best ways to keep your update support has ended smartphone up to date. Custom roms are usually divided into two as focal points; personalized and visually oriented or simple interface and speed oriented. In this post, we will examine Paranoid Android custom ROM, one of the pure interface and speed-oriented custom ROM.

Paranoid Android Custom ROM Review

The Android version of Paranoid Android that we have reviewed in this topic is the version of Paranoid Android Sapphire, based on Android 12L. Paranoid Android custom ROM is perfect for getting aging phones up and down with its simple interface and light ROM. The fact that it is a simple and light ROM also brings better battery life. Most pure Android custom ROMs promise better battery life because they don’t have extra features and visuals. Also, the fact that it is open source indicates that it is a reliable ROM.

Paranoid Android Custom ROM Screenshots

If you like the interface of Google Pixel phones, Paranoid Android is exactly what you are looking for. Being an AOSP-based rom is almost identical to the pure Android interface of Google Pixel smartphones.

How to install Paranoid Android custom rom

In order to install custom ROM on your phone, you must first unlock the phone’s bootloader. After unlocking process, you can install Paranoid Android custom ROM using custom recovery. This will cause your phone to be excluded from warranty scopes. Please also note that you must install custom ROM at your own responsibility. Check out the big guide here for bootloader unlocking and installing custom ROM.

About Paranoid Android Custom ROM

Paranoid Android is one of the oldest custom ROMs. It has been released since the first Android versions. Paranoid Android custom ROM has been simple, Pixel-style and speed-oriented since its insomn. Besides these features, it has great wallpapers. You can find all the Paranoid Android wallpapers from this topic. You can also find the official Paranoid Android ROM website here.

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