POCO Watch launched! – Good specs at a low price

POCO has finally started the rollout of their AIoT devices, and the first one of the line-up to be released is the POCO Watch! The watch features good specs at a fairly low price, and it actually is another rebrand of a Redmi product as we predicted, as is tradition for a lot of POCO devices. So, let’s learn more about to the POCO Watch launch!

POCO Watch Launch – Specs & more

The POCO Watch is a midrange smartwatch, with good enough specs for the price. The watch features a 225mAh battery, which POCO claims will last up to 14 days, which is a very interesting claim, but it is to be expected from a smartwatch. It also features a 1.6 inch OLED touch display, and will feature 3 different colors.

The device is made up of plastic, as is to be expected from a midrange smartwatch, and is a complete rebrand of the Redmi Watch2. This is normal for POCO devices, as most of the time, POCO devices are just the global versions of Redmi devices that are only being sold in China, and the same is the case for the POCO Watch. The Redmi Watch2 is the Chinese market version, while the POCO Watch is the Global market version of this watch.

The specs seem good enough, and the 360x320p display seems good as it is an OLED display as well, while the price is amazing for a midrange smartwatch that claims 14 days of battery life. The early-bird starting price of the POCO Watch is 79€.


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